(Server & Desktop Virtualization)


Save energy and go green!

Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto far fewer physical servers means lowering monthly power in your office or datacenter.. This is an early victory chant for server virtualization vendors back in the early part of 2000, and it still holds true today.

Reduce Capitol 

This one goes hand in hand with the previous benefit. In addition to saving more of your company’s green with a smaller energy footprint, server and desktop consolidation with virtualization will also reduce the overall footprint of your office or datacenter. That means far fewer physical servers, less networking gear, a smaller number of racks needed — all of which translates into money saved on hardware.

Faster Server and Desktop Provisioning 

Virtualization enables elastic capacity to provide your I.T administrator to provision and deploy servers and desktop at a moments notice. The next time you fill out purchase order, you will not have to wait for shipping and receiving, racking, stacking, and cable a physical machine only to spend additional hours waiting for the operating system and applications to complete their installations.  (Translation:  Reduces your I.T Operational Cost)

Business Continuity

Virtualization provides more efficient and cost effective disaster recovery with near zero down time.  The ability to quickly and easily move a virtual machine from one server to another is perhaps one of the greatest single benefits of virtualization with far-reaching uses. As the technology continues to mature to the point where it can do long-distance migrations, such as being able to move a virtual machine from one office or datacenter.

Extends the life of Older End Of Life Applications.

You probably have old legacy applications still running in your environment. These applications probably fit into one or more of these categories: It doesn’t run on a modern operating system, it may not run on newer hardware, your IT team is afraid to touch it, and chances are good that the person or company who created it is no longer around to update it. By virtualizing and encapsulating the application and its environment, you can extend its life, maintain uptime, and finally get rid of that old Pentium machine hidden in the corner of your office or datacenter.

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