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Empowering Your Success: Expert Solutions, Seamless Service

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Our history

3F Timeline.

To understand our future path, you must first know our history.



Started in the Garage in Fremont CA. 3F provide Robotics Consulting Managed Robotics code and deployments


Integration of Floppy Drives in to PC. Provide Managed Support service for all client which purchase Floppies from 3F.


System integration largest Reseller and Consultant for Everex PCs. Provide Managed Service to all client which purchased PC from 3F.


Moved to 6000 SQFT Faciality . Built Custom System for Fijitsu, Compaq and other client and provide Managed services support on all systems.


Largest Deployment Consultant for Bayan and Novell Network


Started Deployment and Management of Windows Active Directory.


Provide Custom PC , Larges Service and Support on all AST Computers, Everex and Compaq.


We provide Full IT Managed Service and CyberSecurity to Startup, Small , Medium and Enterprise Companies.


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Struggling with IT issues? Don't let tech troubles slow down your business. Our expert IT Support Staff are here to offer customized solutions that drive efficiency and growth. Ready to transform your business? Contact our IT Consultant or MSP Team now! Let's build a smarter, safer, and more efficient future together.

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Our Culture

Fostering Excellence andInnovation

Company Culture

At 3F MSP, we believe that innovation thrives at the intersection of creativity and science. Our ethos transcends the traditional IT bubble, fostering a culture where imaginative thinking and scientific discipline coalesce to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

Embodying Excellence

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. In our quest to serve your business needs, we put our technologies and concepts through the paces. Our team rigorously tests and integrates these advancements into our own operations, ensuring they meet the high standards of efficiency and growth we promise. This practice what we preach philosophy is a cornerstone of our culture and a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The Bedrock of Businesses

The importance of what we do is never understated. Companies rely on us not just as a service provider, but as a partner integral to their success. By delivering effective solutions that streamline processes and curtail expenses, we empower businesses to focus on what they do best. Our unwavering reliability is why our clients trust us to stand behind every piece of technology we deliver.

A Culture of Growth and Dependability

Unique is an understatement when describing our company culture. We are a collective of hardworking professionals, each member striving not only to meet but exceed expectations. The ethos at 3F MSP encourages each individual to work smarter, not just harder, and to continually enhance their skill set. This nurturing environment is designed to develop each team member into a pillar of technological expertise, steadfastly supporting your company’s growth and stability.

Passionate Technophiles at Your Service

Our team members are bona fide tech enthusiasts, each with a voracious appetite for resolving daily business challenges through innovative tech solutions. We pride ourselves on this passion, as it fuels our pursuit of excellence and the delivery of cutting-edge technology tailored to the real-world demands of your business.

Join Us on the Journey to Innovation

When you partner with 3F MSP, you’re not just choosing a service, you're choosing a culture committed to elevating your business through dependable technology and innovative thinking. Allow us to be the catalyst for your company's growth. Together, let’s forge a future where your business not only succeeds but excels. Explore what 3F MSP can do for you. Discover the difference a culture built on innovation, dependability, and growth can make.

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Empowering Your Success: Expert Solutions, Seamless Service
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Fremont, CA

Services We provide
IP Camera systems
Email service
Email Security
Firewall Technology
Network Switches
Secured Desktop Support
Mobile device Management
Phone system
Windows and Linux Servers
Veeam Backup
Manage Cyber Security
Structured Cabling
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